Sand Volleyball

Vibe’s summer 2019 Sand/Beach program is now open for player registration. A $50 registration fee to reserve a spot is requested which will be applied to the $700 season fee. The Teamsnap registration link is Register here. Details of the season include:

1) Variety of practice options:

—Moraga commons, Tue/Thur, 8am-noon

—Heather Farm, Walnut Creek, Tue/Thur, 5-8:30pm

—Oakhill Park, Danville/Alamo, Mon/Wed, 8-10am

2) Practices start right after club season ends, May 14th

3) Seasoned coaching staff

4) Tournament coaching in Santa Cruz and Monterey


It is the middle of the indoor season why is Vibe already planning for the outdoor season? 

The outdoor program is growing at an unbelievable rate. Outdoor Volleyball is the only youth sport that has grown 6X in the last 3 years. What this equates to is courts to practice on are hard to find, qualified coaching is not available, registering and playing in tournaments is limited. Last year every event in Santa Cruz for the CBVA was full a month before the season started. This year both the 14 and 16 age groups for CBVA events will only have 40 teams per group instead of 50. To get a head start on the outdoor season Vibe has already reserved court time, has coaching in place, will start getting players registered and signed up for CBVA events immediately.  

How do I register for a CBVA membership and schedule tournaments?

1st Go to the link below and sign the player up for a youth membership.

2nd After you have a membership number you can register for a tournament.  Tournament sign-ups should be done as soon as registration opens for all CBVA events you want to play in. Space will be very limited for all Santa Cruz tournaments. 

What about NCVA Events?

The NCVA schedule will not be posted until the May timeframe. At that time the same process as above for CBVA scheduling can be used. Players for NCVA events use their current USAV membership number for registration. Currently the NCVA events are not as hard to get into as the CBVA events so we can register closer to the actual event especially at West Valley in Saratoga. Note: We do not have the same flexibility with the NCVA as we do with the CBVA. Partner changes, team changes, cancelations all have associated charges. 


How is sand volleyball different then indoor volleyball?

The most obvious difference is there are 2 players per team in beach and 6 players per team in the indoor game. Other differences include the size and weight of the ball. The court size is smaller for sand and sand is played regardless of weather conditions (wind, rain, fog). 


How are the games different?

Games indoor are played to 25 while sand games are played to 21 or 28 depending on the event. A minimum of 3 games are played indoor to consider a winner while outdoor only 1 game determines the winner. Sides of the court are exchanged indoor after every game and after 8 points the third game if needed. Sides of the court are exchanged every 7 points or multiple of 7 points during sand games. Sand volleyball is also played in both wind and rain! You need to have proper passing techniques to make a pass in the wind.


Are player’s basic techniques different? 

The biggest technique difference is in regards to setting. Most sets in sand volleyball are made using underhand setting techniques. Most common overhead sets in an indoor event can look horrible coming off the hands spinning. While overhand sets at the beach come off with little to know spin because the ball is allowed to be held a second longer. You can overhand set the serve indoor but you are not allowed to overhand set the serve when playing sand volleyball.

Open hand tips or quick tips by the setter are not allowed in beach. In beach when a ball is blocked it counts as one of the hits in indoor it does not. 

Is the court the same size?

The court size for indoor and beach volleyball is very different. Indoor courts are 18m x 9m, with a parallel attack line that is 3m from the center line. Back row players must stay behind this line when hitting the ball. Beach courts are smaller–16m x 8m and there is no attack line. A player may hit the ball from anywhere on their side of the net. 

How are the teams selected at Vibe?

The players are given the first opportunity to select their partners. In beach volleyball size really does not make a big difference so it is not essential to have a tall player teamed with a smaller player. If a does not have a partner we will select a partner for them during the practice sessions. This year for both CBVA and NCVA teams can change partners before every event so a player may have multiple partners during the summer.  We will be using a common set of court hand signals to make changing partners easier without disrupting team communication. 


How is a player’s transportation to events done?

All transportation to and from events is done by the parents. It is recommended a car pooling system is put in place with a central pickup and drop-off location. Several team parents have already volunteered to fill this role. 


What should a player have in their backpack for beach?

The following items should be part of every beach player’s backpack.

1. Water

2. Sunscreen

3. Lip balm

4. Sports sunglasses (polarized)

5. Sand Socks best socks to buy are Vincere (blue lightning)

6. Visor or hat

7. Energy snack (nothing that can melt)

8. Sandals/flip flops

9. Water, Water, Water


What type of ball should I buy for beach?

An indoor ball is heavier usually made of leather or durable plastic. They are also smaller and harder which allows them to move quicker than beach volleyballs. Beach volleyballs are softer, lighter and a bit bigger than indoor balls. The indoor ball’s pressure is between 4.3 and 4.6 pounds per square inch. The pressure for outdoor volleyballs ranges between 2.5 and 3.2 psi. The lighter weight allows them to float more in the air, allowing good players to use the weather to their advantage. Most beach players will pay the price ($40-$60) and buy the AVP ball of choice which is a Wilson yellow-and-white-striped official game ball. A Wilson official tournament game ball (yellow/white) will be provided to each player at the start of the season. Players should bring their ball to all events to use during warm-ups. At all CBVA events a court ball will be provided by the event director for game play. 


Are there specialized positions in beach volleyball?

Because the indoor game is played with 6 players and multiple systems can be run for both defense and attacking the requirement for specialized players has grown. However in beach volleyball only two players are on the court during a match. With only two players to cover the court no specialization can be done effectively. Initially the most common positions used will be are you a left or a right side. All beach players will need to be very versatile being able to serve, pass, hit, dig and block. 


How is the coaching done in beach?

One of the reasons players love playing beach is the “No Coaching Rule”. Coaching during a game is strictly prohibited and in most cases a coach will be in the area but not actually at the court. The coach is allowed to talk to players during the one time out per game. The coaching rule also includes parents or spectators on the sideline. 


Are the rules different?

There are differences in some of the rules between indoor and beach. Some of the most common are the tipping rule (using fingers to tip the ball over net) is illegal in outdoor games; players can dink the ball over the net if they use their palms, locked, straight fingers or the heel of the hand but no open hand hitting. This also includes push passing which is done allot indoors but not allowed in beach.

Indoor players have a limit as to how far they can pursue and play a ball off the court. In beach the player can hit the ball even if it’s out of the court boundaries. This includes a ball that has been played across the net or over the antennas to the other side of the court.

With setting the ball, no restrictions exist for indoor volleyball. Outdoor rules require a set to be perpendicular to the setter’s body. This means a set over the net can only be made directly in front of the player making the set. An exception to this rule is if the wind blows a ball set for a teammate over the net.


How is the referring done during the game?

Another great part of beach volleyball is the player’s referring their own games. Players must know and understand the rules of the game and are on the honor system as far as calling the game.

Where can I get beach equipment?

Balls and uniforms are provided by the club. Vincere blue lightning socks can be purchased on Amazon or EBay for about $20. (Recommend two pair). If you want to purchase your own ball we will be using the Wilson official AVP team ball with the yellow strip. These balls are expensive and not much different than the Wilson replica ball for half the price which can also be purchased on Amazon. One of the most important pieces of equipment a player can have is their sunglasses. The glasses need to be a high quality impact resistant sports type. They should be polarized and fitted to the players face. Not wearing sunglasses during an event can be harmful so please take the time and get a pair of quality sunglasses it will be worth it!